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Canada’s First Nations come last

Standpoint Canada

The Keewaywin community carried the lifeless body of a ten-yearold boy into Cathy Wright’s small clinic early one evening in April. The boy had hanged himself, the first suicide in that community, but an all-too-common occurrence across Canada’s First Nations.Despite working as a nurse in north- west Ontario among the First Nation and Inuit people for 16 years during her 38- year career, Wright had…
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The Land Where History Repeats Itself as Tragedy

First published in the March 2016 issue of Standpoint.  Also published in the 28 February 2016 issue of the Moby Media Group eNewsletter. As Nato forces leave and Isis gains ground, Afghanistan continues to fascinate, inspire and dismay the West. We ignore it at our peril.                    …
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As U.S. Draws Down, Afghanistan’s Women Weigh Uncertain Future

World Politics Review, April 2015

This article is published in the World Politics Review, April 13 2015 By Frida Ghitis and Heidi Kingstone When Afghanistan’s new president, Ashraf Ghani, met with U.S. President Barack Obama at the White House in late March, he suggested that “one day we’ll see an Afghan woman president.” His remarks came only a few days…
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My Unspoken Frontline Secret

Writing for The Jewish Chronicle

It was a scorching hot June afternoon in a Baghdad suburb. A group of people sat in the shady garden, speaking rapidly in Arabic, catching up on almost two decades of gossip. It was 2003, just months after the invasion and I was staying in the upmarket district of al Mansour with one of the…
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The Phenomenon of Crowd-Editing

Photo credit: Nic McPhee, Flickr This article originally appeared on “What’s New in Publishing?” I immediately liked the idea of AdvanceEditions when Hector Macdonald pitched his concept of crowd-editing to me. It might have something to do with the fact that I have spent my entire professional life as a journalist and so am intimately…
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Afghan women’s tea

In less than 18 months world attention will cease its already waning interest in Afghanistan as the 2014 deadline looms. Nato forces are in the process of handing the reins over to Afghan security forces in this period known as Transition. Once again the fate of women and their rights is on the agenda. After…
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