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Habeas corpus still manquee

At the same time as I was given Shadow Lives [The Forgotten Women of the War on Terror] by Victoria Brittain to review, I was in the process of reading the Man Booker prizewinning novel Bring up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel. Brittain’s book is about the current lives of women in the UK and US whose husbands or…
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The party isn’t over yet for some

If there is a credit crunch in London, which few doubt, it’s not at Cipriani, the Italian restaurant in the heart of London’s exclusive Mayfair district, where Bellinis — fresh white peach juice and Prosecco — cost more than $20.00 each. A delicious plate of scallops with mushrooms – almost $100.00 but then it’s a…
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Shopping cures world ills!

Too bad the flyer didn’t come in time for my birthday earlier in the week, but it’s never too late to celebrate. I woke up to the good news that the Blossom Bag is exclusively available at Harrods. “Casual, chic and fashion-forward, the Blossom is Celine’s new signature bag for 2009.” I think I am…
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Sarah Brown: a phenomonal woman?

I wonder what it was that made Michelle Obama, an impressive woman herself, say that Sarah Brown, the wife of the British Prime minister, was a phenomenal woman. What is it that has so far gone unnoticed by the British public. Is it simply a case of getting up in the morning knowing that Gordon…
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Journalism – a luxury pursuit

Who ever thought that journalism would morph into a hobby rather than a career? That seems to be what is happening with newspaper circulations in free fall and the finest brains in the industry trying to work out how to save that old print dinosaur because they also can’t figure out how to make money…
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Snowfall in Britain – why the panic?

What is all the fuss about? A few flakes of snow and the country has shut down.   For a Canadian this is just delightfully amusing. There are hardly any people on the streets, and the ones who have braved the snow are out making snowmen or laying on the ground making snow angles. Everyone is…
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