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Afghanistan in the Balance

The article was first published in the January 2017 edition of Live Encounters Magazine.  Afghanistan may no longer command the front page but somehow our fascination with the country is like an addiction to heroin, and we keep going back for one last hit. In London, I went to a play called Pink Mist about what…
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The Land Where History Repeats Itself as Tragedy

First published in the March 2016 issue of Standpoint.  Also published in the 28 February 2016 issue of the Moby Media Group eNewsletter. As Nato forces leave and Isis gains ground, Afghanistan continues to fascinate, inspire and dismay the West. We ignore it at our peril.                    …
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Toppled in Baghdad, Clueless in Whitehall

Published by The Sunday Times, 21 October 2007 For the first time, the British general at the heart of post-war planning for Iraq tells Heidi Kingstone of the chaos in London and Washington. In early March 2003, as Britain and America prepared to invade Iraq, a casually dressed Tony Blair unexpectedly walked into the room at 10…
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Man with a Mission

Published by the Financial Times Magazine, 20 December 2003 After 45 years in exile, Ahmad Chalabi persuaded the US to share his dream of deposing Saddam Hussein. For his efforts, he was one of the first Iraqis to confront the captured dictator. Heidi Kingstone meets the man who may yet become Iraq’s next leader. Download the full…
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Liaisons Non-Dangereuses

Published by the Financial Times Magazine, 2/3 July 2005. A woman linked with the Blunkett affair falls prey to the paparazzi’s poetic licence. Download this article as a PDF. Visit Heidi Kingstone’s archive on Scribd.  

The Man with Afghanistan’s Fate in his Hands

Published by The Spectator, 26 May 2007 Dan McNeill, Nato’s commander in Kabul, tells Heidi Kingstone that even a ‘hard-bitten dude’ faces a struggle to make the liberated country function as an orderly society. Download the full article as a PDF. Visit Heidi Kingstone’s full archive on Scribd.