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A man who had everything: Harvey Weinstein

Here was a man who had everything — a fabulously successful movie career, a beautiful and talented wife, money and contacts. He was the ultimate Hollywood mogul and his film company, Miramax, was just about the coolest thing in LA. Here was a man who supposedly had everything, including a reputation for bullying, sexually abusing and…
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Caroline Flack and the necessity of kindness

Caroline Flack hadn’t registered much on my radar screen before the news of her suicide surfaced last Saturday. The reality TV star’s tragic death brought her to my attention in a big way, as it did to the entire country — even despite forecasts of biblical floods and gales. It’s no surprise. On the face…
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Afghanistan: the sad conclusion

Afghanistan had fallen off the radar until Wednesday night when President Trump conditionally approved a peace deal with the Taliban. After 18 years of military involvement and US expenditure of more than two trillion dollars, at the cost of over 150,000 lives, American troops are poised to leave Afghanistan. If the deal is to go…
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Why is German bureaucracy so Kafkaesque?

In the week that the novelist John le Carré won the Olof Palme Award, named after the late Swedish prime minister and diplomat who promoted world peace, I received a letter from Rechtsanwalt Rainer Haas & Kollegen in Berlin. This solicitor’s letter was written in German and the only thing I could understand in it,…
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How stories of the hidden Jews in World War Two restore our faith in humanity

Before the clock struck midnight, my new year’s resolution was broken. I had banned myself from watching any more World War Two films or series or talks. I’m all Nazied out, to be honest. However, I was doomed even before the roaring 2020s began. On the post-Christmas flight back from Toronto, I discovered The Invisibles, a…
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Life is short

Life is short. That was the first WhatsApp message from a friend that came through when news broke that Kobe Bryant (pictured) and his 13-year-old daughter had died in a helicopter crash. I’m not sure I would have even recognised the NBA megastar and I certainly never saw him play basketball. Still, like virtually everyone…
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