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The psychology of a conspiracy theorist

Even before Bryan Adams’s ill-considered Instagram meltdown where the Canadian singer accused the “bat-eating” Chinese of starting the coronavirus, the Chinese had come in for abuse. Conspiracy theories have contributed to a rise in Sinophobia. In a recent report on a Toronto radio station, a city that prides itself on being one of the most…
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It’s OK to be OK

Is It OK To Be OK? This seems like a peculiarly English question to ask, especially during this pandemic, when the present time seems so full of doom and disaster. As a culture, we’re uncomfortable with too much optimism, which we see as slightly deluded. It makes us suspicious. Yet the stories that inspire us…
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High anxiety

The coronavirus has made us aware of many things, not least that the world can turn upside down in the flap of a bat’s wing, but it has also brought into clear focus how crucial mental health is to our general well-being.  In this new landscape of isolation and uncertainty, holding on to reality has…
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The Canadian response

When it comes to the coronavirus, Canada is at a crossroads, as the country’s number of cases continues to jump, although the overall numbers remain low. Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, the prime minister’s wife, is a confirmed case, which she may have got in London. Justin Trudeau and their family are self-isolating, although they have no…
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A man who had everything: Harvey Weinstein

Here was a man who had everything — a fabulously successful movie career, a beautiful and talented wife, money and contacts. He was the ultimate Hollywood mogul and his film company, Miramax, was just about the coolest thing in LA. Here was a man who supposedly had everything, including a reputation for bullying, sexually abusing and…
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Caroline Flack and the necessity of kindness

Caroline Flack hadn’t registered much on my radar screen before the news of her suicide surfaced last Saturday. The reality TV star’s tragic death brought her to my attention in a big way, as it did to the entire country — even despite forecasts of biblical floods and gales. It’s no surprise. On the face…
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