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Miscarriage: the unspoken loss

We all grieve and suffer loss differently. Some of us mourn in private, and some share our sadness publicly, as did Meghan Markle in her New York Times article this week, on the taboos of suffering a miscarriage. Judging by the comments, most readers seem to support her sharing this experience, which affects one in four women….
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Nothing short of a miracle: from Bergen-Belsen to Mount Sinjar

At first glance, there isn’t an obvious connection between Bergen-Belsen and Mount Sinjar, except for tragedy and trauma. Still, the victims of two genocides intersected, generations and worlds apart from each other, at a time when dark forces were on the rise again. Just before the lockdown in March 2020, an old friend invited me…
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Live-streams and lipstick: the lockdown lessons of life

How fortunate that I didn’t waste years in medical school studying epidemiology, as we are all experts now. Poor old Dr Fauci, the White House medical expert, was slogging away for decades under all those presidential administrations when he probably could have played golf instead. “Loser”, as Donald Trump might say.  This was confirmed in…
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Not a “jihadi bride”, but a female member of Isis

Recently I wrote about the British Court of Appeal’s decision to allow the return of Shamima Begum to fight the Government’s ruling to remove her British citizenship. Begum lives in a squalid Syrian refugee camp. Before that, she spent more than three years under Islamic State rule. We refer to Begum and women like her…
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Ghislaine Maxwell’s untold story

When the helicopter landed on the roof of the Mirror Group Newspapers building on Holborn Circus, the noise was deafening, and you knew that Robert Maxwell, the proprietor of the vast media empire, had arrived at his London office. When they reported his death, a silence fell over the newsroom. The apple doesn’t fall far…
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The joy of solitude

There’s no getting around the fact that 2020 has been a crap year for just about everyone. At the end of February, I went to Toronto to celebrate my father’s birthday, which is on March 2nd. A remarkable man. He died at the end of that month, at the same time as we were discovering…
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