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Don’t run again for President, Hillary. Just call out the misogynists

This is the age of female empowerment. From girl power to women’s rights to women’s rule, the world has woken up to this most fundamental shift. Little by little it is changing almost all societies on earth. Empower women and you empower a nation. Teach a girl and you educate a community.  It was the theme of a talk…
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In this age of reinvention, is it OK for the Poles to deny their role in the Holocaust?

A recent article in the New York Times posed this question: should we ban the artist Gauguin, whose work is currently on display at the National Gallery in London, because he called his Tahitian subjects “savages”? And because, as Prince Andrew might have said, his relationships with Polynesian adolescent girls amounted to “conduct unbecoming”. While we would…
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Enough of the Nazis

“It’s time to move on,” said an American friend when I had told her that I was en route to see a Polish war film and the night before had gone to a lecture about Churchill, my pre-Christmas festivities. “We’re obsessed here,” I told her. The next day, coincidentally, I went to Berlin. There you cannot…
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I arrived from Canada in the 1980s to find Britain on a knife-edge. Now it is again

This is the most global general election I can remember. A friend in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) asked me on Facebook if I would vote for Jeremy Corbyn, telling me the Labour leader was the best candidate. A long-time friend and life-long Labour supporter from Toronto hoped I wasn’t voting for Corbyn…
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Finding the Jewish Jane Austen and the Canadian James Bond in Southwold

It’s as if there is no joy left in the world. These days I feel like the satirical 1930s American comic strip character in Li’l Abner, the well-meaning Joe Btfsplk, who brings misfortune on everyone and has a dark rain cloud always hovering over him. Look at the global situation, almost anywhere. Then there’s FOMO…
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Journalists have responsibilities when talking to victims of violent conflicts

Reporting gender-based violence in conflict is a metaphorical minefield as well as a literal one. We have also never been more sensitised to the issues of mental health and trauma. Writing about the use of rape as a weapon of war is complex, and not only for the obvious reasons. When a victim is interviewed…
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