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Why you’re never enough if you’re a woman

Every time I scroll through Facebook, a friend or online acquaintance is told how beautiful she is by all her Facebook friends. Sometimes, I am just stopped in my tracks. Everyone is beautiful on Facebook. It’s an odd dichotomy in our beauty-obsessed world that the most significant commodity a woman has seems to be her…
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The Duchess of Dull: why Kate just isn’t stylish

I’ve often wondered if some designers should be held accountable for crimes against fashion, and subsequently, what we have chosen to wear over the years. You only have to look back at the 1960s, ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s, especially when those outfits make a comeback, to see fashion victims in platform heels or leg warmers….
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Behind closed doors – the tarnished shine of celebrity

From the outside looking in, Stella Tennant (pictured) appeared to have everything. An aristocrat with the androgynous looks that entranced designers like Karl Lagerfeld who made her his muse in the ‘90s, to the editor of Vogue who made her the magazine’s cover girl multiple times to the top photographers who made her iconic. Stella Tennant epitomised…
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This is no time for sex and shopping. Or is it?

There is nothing like fashion to divide the population. What could be more frivolous than talking about clothes while there is an insurrection in Washington and a Covid crisis across the world? The conventional wisdom is that we shouldn’t speak or write about anything that isn’t “serious”. But we do it anyway. The announcement this week…
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Why is the mighty USA still so backward in so many ways?

What do Bangladesh, the Central African Republic, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Germany and the UK have in common? All have elected female heads of state or government. Dozens of other countries, from India to Israel, from Zambia to Pakistan, have had female leaders. Yet the most powerful country in the world, the United States, has yet…
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There is life after lockdown, but spare us the protests – and the Scotch eggs

Just like from a scene in a classic black and white Hollywood film, I have visions of people throwing open their doors today. I see them running onto the streets dancing and swirling in unison, heading to their local shops, pubs, restaurants finally freed from the heavy-duty constraints of a month in lockdown. Regardless of…
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