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Village People

The big decision facing any ex-pat in Kabul on any given Thursday, the start of the Afghan weekend, is what to do that night. In the glitz and glamour of Kabul’s party scene, the choice can be heavy as the security. There was the ‘Luna’ party at the new Kabul health club or the opening…
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Tribal Police Force

When al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and the Taliban fled Afghanistan, they made their last stand in Paktia province on the border with Pakistan. The Zazi valley, known during the Soviet occupation as “the gateway to Afghanistan,” is located on the southeast of the Tora Bora, literally white mountain. In 2001 hundreds of al…
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Monday I arrive in Kabul after a two and a half year absence, and there is much more construction, and a lot more sandbags, a sign at how much the security situation has deteriorated. I wonder if the construction is really changing the face of Kabul, but then I chastize myself for being an optimist….
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