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Heidi Kingstone at WhitLit

Where can you buy 913 Kalashnikovs? How do you tell a friend her expat lover is never coming back? What’s it like to date a mercenary? In 2007, Canadian journalist Heidi Kingstone arrived in Kabul to uncover the mysteries of this turbulent corner of the world. Heidi talks to Marnie Summerfield Smith about her encounters with idealists, gunrunners and warlords. A passionate advocate for women’s rights, she witnessed women as heroes, victims, freeloaders, and rivals. Heidi’s account of ISAF-controlled Kabul is atmospheric, personal and often painful.

Hear Heidi speak about her experiences at WhitLit, the Whitstable Literary Festival, on Sunday 15 May.
Where: Whitstable Library Lecture Room
When: 1.00pm – 2.00pm
Cost: £5.50
For ticket information, visit the WhitLit website.