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God save the queen

The Australians have it right when they call the Brits ‘whingeing poms’. It’s one of the things that as a nation they do brilliantly, and something of which they are fiercely proud. Every once in a while, they let go of their cynicism and go full steam ahead for the spirit of the blitz. The Jubilee is a case in point. Hoards of people braved the terrible weather to celebrate 60 years of the Queen on the throne.

No whingeing in sight.

Whatever else might be said about the royal family, and there has been quite a lot over the years, the Queen has always remained off limits in terms of criticism, except during Princess Diana’s death. In 1997 royal ratings hit a low point, almost a point of no return. Yet return they did.

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Originally published at On Line Opinion on the 20th of June, 2012.