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Dispatches from the Kabul Café featured in The Bookseller’s Independent Preview

I’m absolutely delighted to be featured in The Bookseller’s first Independent Author Preview. A new initiative to give some exposure to indie-published titles, Dispatches from the Kabul Café was made an Editor’s Pick by Independent Author Preview judge Caroline Anderson. In Caroline’s own words:

These regular independent author previews are the solution we have devised to a changing market. I’m confident that the titles selected here represent some of the best of those available. They are well edited, professionally presented and written with a flair equal to anything you might find on the list of a traditional publishing house.

And on Dispatches itself:

Riveting reportage from a Canadian foreign correspondent who lived in Afghanistan off and on from 2007–2011. It’s episodic certainly, but also highly evocative. Most compelling of all is its cast of characters: all-American guy Jenner, trying to get his hands on 913 Kalashnikovs; Dunia, the cleaning woman who hates cleaning but has eight siblings; and Hasina, the revolutionary girl in the Gucci sunglasses. Forget all you think you know about Afghanistan, read this, and then think again.

Dispatches is available to buy now, with the print edition coming in 2015. Check out more on the Dispatches book page or by visiting the Advance Editions website.