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Africa’s forgotten tragedy – a cursed woman

Imagine life ostracized from your community, returned to your family by your husband. Your crime? To have spent six days in labor delivering a stillborn child, the result of which has left you doubly incontinent so body fluids drip constantly, eating your flesh, causing boils and excruciating pain, making you a rotting, stinking outcast. Not…
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Anti-Semitism without Anti-Semites

Rowan Laxton was watching news of Israeli military activity in Gaza on television while working out on an exercise bike at his central London gym. What happened next unnerved fellow gym patrons: “F-ing Israelis. F-ing Jews,” he screamed repeatedly, interspersing his rant with demands for Israeli troops to be “wiped off the face of the…
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The party isn’t over yet for some

If there is a credit crunch in London, which few doubt, it’s not at Cipriani, the Italian restaurant in the heart of London’s exclusive Mayfair district, where Bellinis — fresh white peach juice and Prosecco — cost more than $20.00 each. A delicious plate of scallops with mushrooms – almost $100.00 but then it’s a…
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Women’s rights and fashion in Afghanistan

With Michelle Obama’s arms being so much in the news, it’s hard to imagine that most Afghani women remain entombed in their stifling burkas. There was a moment, when the Taliban were on the run, that it seemed possible Afghan women would throw off those oppressively prescribed garments, but like so much else that isn’t…
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Shopping cures world ills!

Too bad the flyer didn’t come in time for my birthday earlier in the week, but it’s never too late to celebrate. I woke up to the good news that the Blossom Bag is exclusively available at Harrods. “Casual, chic and fashion-forward, the Blossom is Celine’s new signature bag for 2009.” I think I am…
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The tipping point in Afghanistan

Two years ago, at the end of a four-month stay in Afghanistan, I spoke to General Dan McNeill about whether Afghanistan was at the tipping point. The then-head of NATO forces didn’t agree that we had reached that point, but in 2007 it was a key issue. Last night in London, I attended a discussion…
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