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Gratitude in a time of pandemic

Gratitude is good, and countless studies have shown that gratitude-focused people have a better sense of well being, especially in crisis times. The more you can create positivity, the better able your ability to cope. Sometimes it’s not easy. T his is a particularly challenging time for Heidi to be grateful, but she has tried to…
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Lockdown is turning us all to drink

By now, most of us have reached the outer limits of sanity. Relentless Covid-19 coverage has driven us to the edge, as has boredom, self-isolation, psychological stress, and the announcement that President Trump will wind down the Coronavirus task force by the end of May. With the intersection of the global pandemic, a confederacy of…
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The psychology of a conspiracy theorist

Even before Bryan Adams’s ill-considered Instagram meltdown where the Canadian singer accused the “bat-eating” Chinese of starting the coronavirus, the Chinese had come in for abuse. Conspiracy theories have contributed to a rise in Sinophobia. In a recent report on a Toronto radio station, a city that prides itself on being one of the most…
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It’s OK to be OK

Is It OK To Be OK? This seems like a peculiarly English question to ask, especially during this pandemic, when the present time seems so full of doom and disaster. As a culture, we’re uncomfortable with too much optimism, which we see as slightly deluded. It makes us suspicious. Yet the stories that inspire us…
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High anxiety

The coronavirus has made us aware of many things, not least that the world can turn upside down in the flap of a bat’s wing, but it has also brought into clear focus how crucial mental health is to our general well-being.  In this new landscape of isolation and uncertainty, holding on to reality has…
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