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100 Places: Work Hard, Play Harder

Living and working in Kabul was often intense, sometimes complicated, frequently frustrating, always interesting, and at the best of times incredibly rewarding.

There were periods when I never wanted to leave, and times when `i felt `I needed to breath clean air and see tall buildings. People either seemed to love or hate living in Afghanistan, but for so many people it just got under their skin.

Despite this there was an understanding in certain circles that leaving Kabul on a regular basis for R&R was healthy and necessary.

These were the requisite activities to have on the itinerary to survive;

  1. Trip to Yemen
  2. R & R in Dushanbe
  3. Weekend in Istanbul
  4. Holiday in Bora Bora
  5. Shopping in Dubai
  6. Break in Sri Lanka
  7. Thailand

I managed to get to Dubai and Sri Lanka.