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Anti-Semitism is on the rise. Can we beat it?

When I first moved to London, people would ask how anyone could afford to live here. From a Canadian perspective, the prices were astronomical. I’m not sure I ever had a concrete answer except to say that somehow we managed. The other question was, “are the British anti-Semitic?” I had more of an answer to…
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It’s great that celebs like Angelina Jolie want to help the poor. But how useful are their visits to Africa?

It’s a classic image: a movie star, often but not always white, smiles benevolently as little black African children grin back. A phalanx of imposing-looking military minders in flak jackets holding machine guns protect the VIP, while, inevitably, a local woman with an oversized sack balanced on her head completes the photo op. Behind the…
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Shopping is one of the last joys left in our troubled world. Retail will change – but it won’t disappear

Just when I thought I might survive Brexit, or at least survive not being pushed over the cliff edge by deals, no deals, hard borders, second referendums, and resignations, Asos issues a profit warning. The announcement by one of the world’s leading online retailers aimed at Millennials sent shares plunging by as much as 43…
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Glittering Moscow proves the Russians have left Communism behind them

I arrived in Moscow thirty years too late. Except for the five red stars over the Kremlin, any vestige of Communism was obliterated by the time I took my first trip to the Russian Federation in October 2018. I walked from my Stalin-era ‘penthouse’, read over-heated top floor flat, that used to house Party apparatchiks…
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Why I’ve stopped reading the news

Doom descended pre-dawn on 24th June 2016, and the existential angst hasn’t lifted since the referendum result. A few months earlier, I thought we had hit rock bottom when Jeremy Corbyn became the leader of the Labour Party. Then Donald Trump became president, and the Dystopian nightmare became a reality. This year, just when you…
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The road to redemption

Suicide Club By Rachel Heng Sceptre, 384pp, £12.99 The Town By Shaun Prescott Faber & Faber, 256pp, £12.99 When the Wall fell in 1989 and the Cold War ended, the consensus went that the spy novel was as dead as communism and in its wake a new world order would flourish. Almost three decades later,…
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