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100 People 100 Places

To celebrate the release of my first book, Dispatches from the Kabul Café, I’ll be releasing a series of shorter dispatches introducing some of the people and places I encountered during my times in Afghanistan. 100 People, 100 Places are short, personal insights into Afghanistan (and sometimes beyond), revealing the people and the parts of the world that have mattered to me, and perhaps in some way, show who I am.

100 People, 100 Places: Drag Me To Hell

100 People, 100 Places - No. 23

Seeing this London bus the other day oddly drew me right back into my time in Kabul. In ‘Dispatches’ I write about what was commonly referred to as a ‘locationship’, a relationship that often had more to do with location and circumstance than chemistry, although sometimes they were easily confused. The two protagonists of the…
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100 People, 100 Places: Drugs

100 People, 100 Places - No. 22

In Homeland Episode 8, Halfway to a Donut, Carrie suddenly realises that her meds have been tampered with, and she suspects the ISI. Sunday night’s episode reminded me of a time in Kabul when I wanted to get a repeat prescription. Unlike in the west where drugs are tightly monitored, in Afghanistan you just pop…
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100 People, 100 Places: Fragile Future, Fragile Gains

November 25th was the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. In Afghanistan, it is estimated that almost 90 per cent of women suffer some form of domestic abuse.  As ActionAid’s Rachel Noble, Women’s Rights Policy Advisor & Research Officer, pointed out, “these women are not victims of violence, but survivors. They are…
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100 People, 100 Places: #Homeland: Feed the Addiction

We are now deep into Series 4 in the UK and I mainlined six episodes last week in preparation for Sunday’sepisode 7. Bliss. It transported me back to my time in Afghanistan during 2007- 2011. Redux took us to the heart of the conflict dealing with the ever present themes of the Taliban, the Haqqani…
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100 People, 100 Places:

horripilation \haw-rip-uh-LEY-shuhn, ho-\ noun 1. a bristling of the hair on the skin from cold, fear, etc.; goose flesh. This is a word everyone should be familiar with!

100 People, 100 Places: Angelina Jolie

Until now I have shunned the spotlight.  The idea of public speaking has long seemed to me quite possibly the worst thing that could happen to a person, a fear shared by so many of us. Hiding behind the printed word has been my cover.   So I had to channel my inner Angelina Jolie(…
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