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The Rory I knew

The first time I met Rory Stewart was in Afghanistan at a dinner party held in the house where I was living. I had just arrived in Kabul and had no idea who this odd, lanky Brit was. But I have two vivid memories of that evening. One was how much Stewart looked like the…
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The nauseating apologies from wannabe prime ministers must end

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa. The guilty confessions are erupting from politicians faux-troubled consciences like molten lava from Mt Vesuvius. Michael Gove has done it, Rory Stewart has done it, Dominic Raab has done it – and frankly, who cares? Our prisons would heave with writers, politicians, journalists, entertainers and dozens of casual drug users…
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Women’s bodies should be theirs to control, not a battleground in backward US states

Once again, women’s bodies have become a battleground in the United States. From Alabama to Georgia, states are repealing abortion rights. Once again, even in the #MeToo era, women are losing control over their lives and their futures. Those of us who grew up in liberal democracies never thought we would see these kinds of…
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Glittering Moscow proves the Russians have left Communism behind them

I arrived in Moscow thirty years too late. Except for the five red stars over the Kremlin, any vestige of Communism was obliterated by the time I took my first trip to the Russian Federation in October 2018. I walked from my Stalin-era ‘penthouse’, read over-heated top floor flat, that used to house Party apparatchiks…
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Why I’ve stopped reading the news

Doom descended pre-dawn on 24th June 2016, and the existential angst hasn’t lifted since the referendum result. A few months earlier, I thought we had hit rock bottom when Jeremy Corbyn became the leader of the Labour Party. Then Donald Trump became president, and the Dystopian nightmare became a reality. This year, just when you…
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